vrijdag 4 oktober 2013


Since my travel to Kopenhagen (Denmark) I'm crazy in love with Hay, a Danish Design label. So it has become one of
my favorite free-time-spendings to search other shops where they sell the beautiful objects from Hay.
I searched some places in Paris, where they sell the Hay-collection, and I found: COLONEL. A very nice surprise.

A beautiful shop, filled with color. From pastels, to bright, degradé to full color.
Isabelle Gilles and Yann Poncelet, not only present Hay in their store. They also create small collection of furnitures
and textiles. Designed by them. And made with the eye on craftmanship in France.

 A pleasure for the eye.

Avenue Richerand 14

Métro:  République / Jacques Bonsergent / Goncourt

Tue - sat : 10h30 - 19h


vrijdag 27 september 2013

Tuck Shop

This address was for already a long time on my to-do-list. I was happy to spend some time in this amazing bar, during my
birthday-weekend in Paris.

Tuck shop is located close to the wonderful Canal St. Martin. It's very small, but the interiour is cosy, airy, and fresh.
The girls who work in the bar, fits very well into the interiour of the space. In the bar there were also some plant-art-objects
by Grow Little, they were amazing. I hope one day I'll have an plant-object like this to brighten up my house.

The coffee at Tuck Shop, is made by Coutume, so it was great ! The menu of breakfasts, lunches and cakes looked amazing as well.
The menu was vegan, so that's great.

So if you plan to make a walk close to Canal St. Martin, please, go to Tuck Shop, and let it you bring to dream land.

Tuck Shop
Rue Lucien Saimpaix 13

Métro: Jacques Bonsergent / Republique

Tue - Fri: 10h - 17h
Sat - Sun: 11h - 19h


donderdag 25 april 2013

Institut Suédois

This place is like a piece in heaven just in the middle of shopping-paradise 'le marais'. When you need to go to a
calm environment in the middle of the big city, then you have to go to this place. It's called 'the swedish institute",
and this name says enough. Everything up here is about Sweden. I most of all love their little café/restaurant, where
they serve all kind of Swedish specialities. From fresh juice, to home made bread and Swedish coffee. Their food
is home made, from the bread till the flower sirups. Not only is there a nice little restaurant, you also can go to exhibitions,
watch concerts, Swedish courses, ... . Everything is about Sweden.

What do we need more?

Institut Suédois
Rue Payenne 11

Métro: St.Paul / Chemin vert

Openinghours café:
Tue - Sun: 12h - 18h


zondag 3 maart 2013


Already for years I'm a huge fan of the designs of 'Ana Kras', her beautiful lamps are already a long time on my wishlist. 
When I found out that there was a restaurant in Paris, who decorated their spaces with her lampshades I decided that 
this must be an interesting place.

And I can promise you it is !

When you enter at Nanashi, you feel this great, colorful, and free atmosphere. It's very different than the local french bars, 
but that's what I love so much about it. Their decoration, the friendly staff, and ofcourse their menu are the best in Paris ! 

They serve the bento-boxes and healthy salads, fresh juices, and oven baked cakes. Fresh, new and delicious.

Rue de paradis 31 (see pictures)
métro: Gare de l'est - verdun / Poissonnière / Château d'eau

Rue Charlot 57
métro: Filles du calvaire

Mon - sat: 12h - 00h
Sun: 12h - 18h

(It was a bit to dark to take good pictures. sorry for the blur. Here can you find more pictures.)

zondag 24 februari 2013

La piñata

This colorful shop always makes me happy. It's filled with piñata's (the mexican game for children), little toys and color.
So when you make your walk next to canal st martin, you have to enter this nice store for some instant-happiness.
Not only can you buy ready-made piñata's in this store, you also can buy all the equipment to make your own.
The sweet lady of the shop is prepared to help you !

La Piñata
Rue des Vinaigriers 25
10 ième

Métro: Jacques - Bonsergent

Tue - Sat: 11h - 19h
Sun: 15h - 19h


Les délices d'Orient

I discovered Libanese food here in Paris. And I can't get enough of it. So I was really happy when a friend gave me the
address of this amazing Libanese supermarket.

'Les délices d'orient' is a place that you have to visit when you love oriental food. Whether you are searching for some nuts,
olives or fresh vegetables. Or a full libanese meal. Eventhing can be a reason to visit this amazing place.

Les délices d'orient
Avenue Emile-Zola 52

Métro:  Charles Michels

Tue - Sat: 08h30 - 21h
Sun: 08h30 - 20h30

Musée de la poupée

This museum is hidden in a little street behind Beaubourg. It's like a little hidden treasure.

I really enjoyed looking at the exhibition about etnic dolls. When you enter the museum you get the impression
to go back in time. It's kind of old-fashioned, but that's what makes it so lovely and wonderful. Next to the exhibition
they also have a little store when you can buy little dolls.

It's a world on his own, but I believe that it's really worth a visit !

Musée de la poupée
Impasse Berthaud

métro: Rambuteau

Tue - Sat: 10h - 18h