donderdag 25 april 2013

Institut Suédois

This place is like a piece in heaven just in the middle of shopping-paradise 'le marais'. When you need to go to a
calm environment in the middle of the big city, then you have to go to this place. It's called 'the swedish institute",
and this name says enough. Everything up here is about Sweden. I most of all love their little café/restaurant, where
they serve all kind of Swedish specialities. From fresh juice, to home made bread and Swedish coffee. Their food
is home made, from the bread till the flower sirups. Not only is there a nice little restaurant, you also can go to exhibitions,
watch concerts, Swedish courses, ... . Everything is about Sweden.

What do we need more?

Institut Suédois
Rue Payenne 11

Métro: St.Paul / Chemin vert

Openinghours café:
Tue - Sun: 12h - 18h


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  1. It sounds & looks so wonderful. I would love to visit!