zondag 3 maart 2013


Already for years I'm a huge fan of the designs of 'Ana Kras', her beautiful lamps are already a long time on my wishlist. 
When I found out that there was a restaurant in Paris, who decorated their spaces with her lampshades I decided that 
this must be an interesting place.

And I can promise you it is !

When you enter at Nanashi, you feel this great, colorful, and free atmosphere. It's very different than the local french bars, 
but that's what I love so much about it. Their decoration, the friendly staff, and ofcourse their menu are the best in Paris ! 

They serve the bento-boxes and healthy salads, fresh juices, and oven baked cakes. Fresh, new and delicious.

Rue de paradis 31 (see pictures)
métro: Gare de l'est - verdun / Poissonnière / Château d'eau

Rue Charlot 57
métro: Filles du calvaire

Mon - sat: 12h - 00h
Sun: 12h - 18h

(It was a bit to dark to take good pictures. sorry for the blur. Here can you find more pictures.)

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  1. Why they look so pretty, love the colors and the food looks great. Nanashi got another fan. Got my eye on your next posts.