zondag 4 november 2012

Beau Travail

My French friend, Julie, showed me this wonderful shop / atelier. It was sunday, so it was closed, but the sweet woman said
that we could come inside to have a look. (What I think is very sweet). This weekend I went back to the wonderful shop,
to have a better look. I'm so impressed by the beautiful atmosphere they created, and it's a place where I could spend whole days.

'Beau travail' is the atelier of 3 girls (If I'm not wrong ... ). On saturday they open the doors of their atelier, and then it transforms
into a shop were they sell their designs. You can find nice scarfs, wallets, jewelery, puppets, postcards, .... and a lot more.

They are really sweet, and want to help you, but also leave you the time to just look around. A great place that you must visit !
This is definitely my favorite shop in Paris !

Beau Travail
Atelier / Boutique
Rue de la mare 67
20ème Paris

métro: Jourdain / Pyrénées

Sat: 14h - 19h


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  1. ik word zo blij van dit blog
    en heb zin om naar
    Parijs te gaan

    fijn te merken dat je
    al een beetje gewend raakt