woensdag 31 oktober 2012

Flea market - Porte de Vanves

Together with my friends from work I went to the flea market at Porte De Vanves. It was a very cold but sunny day,
so perfect for a walk on a flea market.

They all had nice things to sell, but I was so disappointed in the prices they asked for their stuff. Just ridiculous high,
and not the right prices for on a flea market. But I had a nice time. Even without buying something. (oh, no, that's not true.
I found 1 cheap thing on the market. 3 little porcelain pots for 5 euro's. )

A nice place to visit, but be prepared to the prices. :-)

Porte de Vanves
75014 Paris

Saturday + Sunday
Just till 13h (then they start to put everything back in boxes)

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  1. ah thats my local markets! did you go around the corner over the bridge? people sell REALLY cheap crap around that side.