woensdag 7 november 2012

Malhia Kent

My internship is with the famous weaving company Malhia Kent. Since a long time they weave fabrics for Chanel, but they
also have an own collection of high standard fabrics. Their fabrics are used by several famous designers. I'm so blessed that I
can weave in this place, and I learn every day. Their fabrics are very rich of sparkles and colors, and I think it's an experience
for everyone to see what they create.

Malhia Kent also have a little shop where you can buy small pieces of their fabrics. In the store you also can find beautiful
jackets made out of their fabrics (handmade) and cones with wires. For a small sample you pay 1 or 2 euros and for larger
pieces it's 10 euro/m. You can find treasures up here.

Malhia Kent Shop
Rue Daumesnil 19
Viaduc des Arts

métro: Gare de Lyon / Daumesnil

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