dinsdag 30 oktober 2012

cent quatre

'104' is a very nice place that I discovered last weekend. It's a very big old building, that's a cultural center. You can go there
to see theater and dance performances, but also have a place where they have exhibitions.

Next to that it's a meeting place for dancers, families and creative people. In the building you can find several groups of young
dancers who are free styling and practicing their dance steps (very very intriguing) . You also have a very nice second-hand-store,
where you can buy nice things for very cheap prices. There is a bookstore. And there is a nice café where you can drink a cup
of tea or have lunch.

Everything you want, just on 1 place. I believe this is the place to be !

Rue Curail 5
75019 Paris

Tue - Fri: 12h - 19h
Sat - Sun: 11h - 19h
Mon: Closed
(for the specific openinghours of the shops, check the website)

Métro: Riquet


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