zaterdag 27 oktober 2012

La caféothèque

When I was drinking my coffee in this coffeebar they were playing my favorite music ( or ... music that I love a lot) Anouar Brahem.
I think this was kind of a sign that this place is really good. Delicious coffees, cosy couches, coffee art on the walls, good music, ... .
This place feels like home.

La Caféothèque
Rue l'hotel de ville 52
75004 Paris

Métro: Hotel De Ville

Mon - Sun : 9h30 - 19h30

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Thanks a lot for this new blog! I'm french and I'll visit it often, even if you're not living there. Or did you leave? I'm a reader of Journal de Jours and looooove your work Hermine!

  2. It's going a pleasure for me to visit my town with your eyes... I don't know this coffe place... So I'll go there to share something else with you... Merci chère Hermine...