zaterdag 24 november 2012

Muséum national d'histoire naturell : Galeries Paléontologie

With the girls from my internship I went to 'Musée National d'histoire naturelle'. It's a very old fashioned museum with
bones from dinosaurs, animals, and humans. It's like you go back in time. I was really impressed, because I never saw
something like that in real. Even not when I was a child. It's really nice !

(soon I'll also visit the "Grande galerie de l'évolution" and "Grandes Serres". More information soon on this blog)

Jardin Des Plantes
Rue Buffon

Wed - Mon : 10h - 17h

Métro: Austerlitz / Jussieu / Censier Daubenton


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  1. ZO LEUK!

    Niet vergeten om ook eens naar het Musée Rodin te gaan hé. 't Is echt prachtig daar!