zondag 21 oktober 2012

Flower & bird market

Everyday you can find a flowermarket next to the Seine. You can buy plants for the garden, the inside garden,
pots and garden decorations. It's a nice place to stroll around. The market exist already a very long time, from 1808 !
When I went back to that place on sunday, to  buy a plant that I loved, I also saw that there was a bird market.
With all sorts of birds, canaries, ... . I was so happy see all this beauty (however my friends say that I have to open
 the cages, so the birds could fly away.)

Marché aux fleurs
île de la cité
(very close to metro stop 'cité')

Marché aux oiseaux
île de la cité
(very close to metro stop 'cité')
only on sunday

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