zondag 10 februari 2013


Every time when I walk past this candy-shop I always have to buy a few of my favorite sweeties. It's stronger then myself.

Käramell is a swedish candy store. They have some special swedish sweets that you can't find in other stores in Paris. 
Next to that they have a large amount of the regular sweets. And next to sweets they also sell beautiful clogs !  
A bit a weird combination maybe, but I can't neglect that sweets and clogs are 2 of my favorite things. So for me it's a perfect match. 

Rue des Martyrs 15

Métro: Notre-dame de Lorette

Tue - Sat: 11h - 20h
Sun: 10h30 - 19h

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  1. so sweet! wish i could eat some swedish candies with you in paris ♥ but maybe we can eat some of them up here this summer when you come to visit!