zondag 27 januari 2013

The museum of everything

"The museum of everything" was a place that was for a long time on my to-do-list finally I went to this great place.
The museum is a temporary place where you can have a look to artworks from people who never went to art-school,
and who also never had the intention to be "an artist". This exhibition shows really honest (and sometimes) crazy works.
From paintings to textile works, from pictures to dolls. It's really worth a visit.

And what's better to finish a nice exhibition then drink and eat something delicious. It's all possible in the "café of everything".

Because it's a temporary exhibition, you have to be quick. It's just there till the end of february 2013 !

The museum of everything
Boulevard Raspail 14

Métro: Rue du bac / Sèvres-babylone

Wed - Sun: 11h00 - 19h00 (fri + sat till 20h00)


It's not possible to take pictures of the exhibition. So let surprise yourself. I can promise you that's wonderful !

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  1. It looks so cool out there. I can imagine you loved this place: would visit it as well if I'd live in the city of Paris.