vrijdag 7 december 2012

Rose Bakery

During one of my walks I discovered 'Rose Bakery', I was immediately in love  by all the vegetables and the beautiful
pink fridges. When a friend of mine visit me, I decided to have lunch at the Rose bakery. Even at 15h00 there was
a long row of waiting people for a table. But I can tell you now, 'it's worth the waiting'.

Rose Bakery is a place which is famous by it's healthy lunches. There are a lot veggie things, and they serve delicious smoothies.
They serve their dishes in the most beautiful plates, and I really love the styling of the place. Nice colours, great style.
It isn't a surprise that there are 'Rose Bakeries' all over the world. Not only you are able to eat in, you also can take-away,
and they have a little shop with granola's, tea, vegetables, ... . So if you don't want to wait for a table, you can take the
deliciousness home with you.
Lunches cost about 15 to 19 euro, and smoothies about 6,5 euro.

Rose Bakery
Rue des Martyrs 46
Métro: Notre Dame de Lorette

Rose Bakery
Rue Debelleyme 30
Métro: Filles du Calvaire

Rose Bakery
Boulevard de la Bastille 10
Métro: Quai de la Rapée

Tue - Sun: 9h00 - 18h00 (lunch only)

(The pictures are taken in Rose Bakery in the 9ième)

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  1. Sounds good, looks delicious! I'll put it on my to do list

  2. Oh, I love that! Do you know their cooking book?

  3. Geweldige blog! Ik vertrek in juli voor een maand naar Parijs op taalcursus dus ik zal al jouw tips goed kunnen gebruiken :).