vrijdag 16 november 2012

Krishna Bhavan

My absolute favorite address to eat is an indian restaurant (I went there 4 times already) not so far from Gare Du Nord. 
A friend took me to this place, and I was so surprised when I get out of the metro. It was like I made a travel to another 
country. It's so magical that one city can have so many different faces.

Around this little restaurant you can find several shops with a lot of gold, sari's, indian spices, ... . You feel a bit like visiting india. 
And what better then finishing your walk in a restaurant ? This places is well known by the Indian people, but there also come a 
lot of French people. So I bet this is a very good place.

In the restaurant they serve all their dinners in this metal plates. All the dinners are vegetarian, and they don't serve alcohol. 
The restaurant is not cosy or "trendy", but it's an experience to discover new things. The woman of the restaurant is 
friendly but  very quick. And something else to mention, it's very cheap. For about 10 euros your can eat a starter, a dinner 
and have a drink. You should all try this address, if your not scared of an adventure. :-) 

Krishna Bhavan 
Rue Cail 21 + 24 

Métro: le chapelle / Gare du Nord


By the way, if you dont know what to chose. My favorite started is 'Samosa' and my favorite main plate is the couscous. 

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